March 26, 2018


Best Wedding Photographer India

Hello Dear, You have come to Best Wedding Photographer India platform and Photo-Book Makers. You have come to your website on website DSLR PHOTOGRAPHY and here I welcome you from the depths of the heart.

My self gopal pathodiya and I live in Bhilwara Rajasthan. I began photography in 2002. The reason for coming to this profession is my passion and I like to do creative work. So that’s why I select photography field and I enjoy doing photography and you will know that if you enjoy doing any work, then that work gets even better. I try to make the best photos for you by clicking the good photos, making your memories memorable. In this way, my passion continues to be fulfilled and earn money.

My Service Experience

From 2002 to December 2005, I worked in Adobe Photoshop on the famous Colour Lab of Rajasthan, whose name is Goyal Colour Lab, Wherever I do many types of editing and Lab related work efficiently, in Adobe Photoshop for the photographer. I was also working and machine operator in Adobe Photoshop on Goyal Color Lab, that’s why many photographers lived in my touch and this is the reason that I also know about the specifics of this field.

My Business ExperienceBest wedding photographer India

From 26 Jan 2006, I started my own photography business, from that time to till the current time I do the work of photo editing, photo book making wedding photography at wholesale price for photographers. I give photographer album designing, printing, binding, when they need them, I get them arranged for the camera and man on the rent for them. I solve the problem related to wedding photography, Pre-wedding photography. Due to the work is done on the wholesale price of the photographer, I have connections with more than 3,000 photographers from India who do different types of work in the field of photography. That’s why I get the job of any of my customers easily in any city.
My Proud

Even though I have not even mentioned this thing, I can say with confidence that even today, almost 1700 to 2000 albums have been designed with my own hand. Photos in the number of millions will be edited. If I have done photography in 10 weddings in a year then you should consider that since 2006, I have had photography in about 120 weddings till now. All this work would have been from lower level to high level.

About My Work

By the way, I am Wedding Photographer and Photo-Book Maker but I also shoot Birthday photography, Pre Wedding Photography, Post-wedding photography, Engagement Photography, Mundan photography, Pre-pregnant photography, Kids photography, Modelling photography, Product photography, Wildlife photography. You can click any link and see my work of photography.

My Customer Privacy and My Faith

Here you will see less work done by me. The reason for this is that I do not share any of my client’s photography, any online platform or social media platform with other people without their permission. I do not think it is right to earn money by sharing someone’s privacy with other people. And whatever photography you see right now, I uploaded it here because I believe that those who have these photos will not feel bad.

My Praise

Till now, I have not received any complaints from any of my clients. Here I want to tell you that I did not say this only for my praise, but it is absolutely true. And when you join me, you will know that there is so much truth in this statement that I have said. Your name will also be added to my list of good customers.

My Big Thinking

But now I want to do something bigger, some more, better than before. I want you to be given a good job in a reasonable amount of money, and you have the benefit of my experiences so far. I want to do some bang in the market. Therefore, as an online business by the name DSLR PHOTOGRAPHY, I am available online today for your service on GOOGLE.

Thank you

I briefed you about me, about the journeys and experiences of photography so far, I hope you have found these information good and true. You gave your precious time to read about me, I heartily thank you.

You are connected with me further information related to photography will continue to be found in this place. I will pray to God that your life is auspicious. The happiness comes to continuous at your home and you keep calling me.

Gopal pathodiya