Wedding Photography Prices 10 Best Packages, Kindly Check Out

Wedding Photography Prices 10 Best Packages, Kindly Check Out

Hello, So, let’s talk today about Wedding Photography Prices, Here you know 10 Best Packages of Indian wedding photography, Kindly Check Out. The starting price of wedding photography is 15Rs. per click. Minimum start-up package is Rs.15000/- Now you will have the question that what you will get in 15Rs. or 15000/- then this information has been given in detail in the table given below. Please read it carefully…

Wedding Photography Prices 10 Best Packages, Kindly Check Out

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Wedding photography price list

Clicks Charge Discount

In %


In Amount



Cost Per Click


Minimum 1000 15000/- No No 15000/- 15/-
1100 16500/- No No 16500/- 15/-
1200 18000/- 12% 2160/- 15840/- 13.2/-
1300 19500/- 13% 2535/- 16965/- 13.05/-
1400 21000/- 14% 2940/- 18060/- 12.9/-
1500 22500/- 15% 3375/- 19125/- 12.75/-
1600 24000/- 16% 3840/- 20160/- 12.6/-
1700 25500/- 17% 4335/- 21165/- 12.45/-
1800 27000/- 18% 4860/- 22140/- 12.3/-
1900 28500/- 19% 5415/- 23085/- 12.15/-
2000 30,000/- 20% 6000/- 24000/- 12.00/-
If you decide your bill on booking time, 20160/Rs then you can shoot by me One-day extra program.
If you decide your bill on booking time, 24000/Rs then you can shoot by me Two-day extra program.

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Some general question from your side, and my answer

Your question– How long do you cover the program in our wedding?

My answer– One day I will do photography for 2 hours in the dance program outside the house, and according to your wedding patrika, whatever the program will be for the next 2 days, do all the photography till farewell.

Your question– How many photos will you click in our wedding?

My answer– I will click at least 1000 photos in your wedding, Even if the photo is less than 1000 clicks, you still have to pay the same charge. If there are more than 1000 clicks, then extra clicks will be charged on 15/- per clicks.

Your question– 15 / – Which city is charged for the click?

My answer– This charge is for Bhilwara or around Bhilwara, from which can be easily reached on the bike. You will be charged only according to the price list given above.

Your question– Can you do photography in any city other than Bhilwara? And what is its charge?

My answer– Yes, in addition to Bhilwara I will do photography in any other city; Charges will be according to the price list given above. However, you have to pay extra for the arrival, hotel room, food and drink extra.

Your question– What will be the quality of our photo?

My answer– Now lets talks about the quality of the photo that I will click on, the image size will be large and the quality will be the best. I will shoot photos using the same best quality and high resolution which will be the highest in my camera.

Your question– When and how will we get our photos?

My Answer– All the data of your program, I will give you the same day as the program ends after the farewell. You will find your photo in the hard drive. You need to provide me with a hard drive to get data. Like PAN drive or hard disk. You can watch it whenever you want on your computer, laptop or any other device. That too with the Better quality.

Your question– Is there something special for us?

My Answer– yes, here something special quality option for you.Which called RAW format photography. To date is the best format. I will give you the opportunity to shoot in your wedding photography raw format, if you want, you can take advantage of this facility, you will not have to pay extra money for it.

Your question– Tell me about the RAW format in a few details?

My answer– You can understand the raw format in such a way that if any normal photographer photographed in JPG format, whose image size is larger and quality is best then the file size of that image is 10 MB. While the image of the shot shoot in Raw format is 4 times bigger than 40 MB. You have understood which format is best. An image that is made of 10 MB or that is made of 40 MB (This quality is used by very few photographers. Because the camera’s life is less than this, memory card and battery also consume too much.)

Your question– Are there any other benefits to photography in RAW format?

My answer– Yes, It has some other advantages as I told you that it is the best quality. While editing the photo, the editor gets more options to edit. So that your photo is even better edited. Editing time your data loss of data is very low. While JPG loses more data than RAW.

Your question– Is there any weakness in the RAW format?

My answer– No, there is no weakness in the RAW format, but still, there is something I need to tell you about, that is it

  1. The file format of the RAW format is more than MB, so more GB of your drive will be used.
  2. Very few editors, edit or process the RAW format file.
  3. Without editing or processing, you can not see the photo.

Your question– Will you edit our raw photo?

My answer – Yes, I will do it.

Your question– After you have done photography, Do we also need to make photo book albums from you?

My answer– No, It is not necessary that after photography from me, Make albums from me, you are independent, You can also create your own album from anywhere. But if you make albums from me, So I will give you the best photo book album in sheet only at 99 rupees. While its price in the market is so high that when you hear about price, your senses will fly.

I believe, the information I gave you about the price and packages for wedding photography, quality, quantity, discount, benefits etc.You would love it, and you would have reached a conclusion. Staying connected with me to know more about this kind of information. But if you still have any questions then by clicking here you can ask me.

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God will fulfill all your devotional desires.

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